Salcan The Smart Bag
Salcan The Smart Bag
Salcan The Smart Bag


Frustrated over the things you once again forgot in "the other bag"?? All you bag lovers out there can surely relate. 

This everyday experience inspired me to create a smarter bag and my brand Salcan was born. 

My fashion innovation offers you 1 bag and 5 different outfits for for it. The inner bag  can easily be moved from one bag to another, making sure you have all your stuff together and the bag to show for it. 

It's all done with heart and I have personally visited the factory in Guangzhou, outside of Hong Kong, where the bags are made. Just to make sure the production is fair. I picked a small place where I saw that the staff had good working environments and code of conduct was followed. 

 This smart bag is my fashion statement and I hope you will love it just as much as I do. Find your personal favorite or maybe one for every occasion.  

Let's make fashion history together! Salcan is serving you a bag of the future so that you can dress for success today.


Nadia Söderlund 
C.E.O and Designer

About Us

We are a small company from Sweden that wants to combine the practical and beautiful. Started in an small city in Sweden and traveled to China, into the first step of the journey. Taking the first step into the world of design and to create our future of fashion!

How To

The Salcan bag works in a very smart way. They are not just fiercely fab, they are the smartest bags in the market! Do you also have trouble remembering if you brought your wallet or if its in your other bag? Never again with this beautiful and practical bag!

3 499 kr
3 499 kr
3 499 kr
3 499 kr
3 499 kr
Salcan Blue
799 kr