About Us

A well organized innerbag and multiply fashionable bag ¨shells¨, that´s the main idea behind Salcan. This company want´wants to make the everyday life as easy and gorgeous as possible for the everyday woman who has a lot on her plate! My name is Nadia Söderlund and I’m the brain and heart behind this company and idea. With my bags I want to offer the perfect combination to keep your day as effective as possible while looking your absolute best. I’ve always dreamt about becoming a designer of my own brand, and that is why I feel a little extra overwhelmed to present this for you guys, I’ve finally done it! My own business with smart bags that makes you glow!

The Innovative Idea

The idea for the bags was born out of our frustration when I always forgot the most important thing in my ¨other bag¨ All you bag lovers can probably relate… You’re in the cashier, ready to pay and go home but no, the wallet is in the bag you wore yesterday when you took a lunch out. And now, you’re gonna have to go home, get your wallet and go back to the store… not so fun huh? Happened to me a little too often to be honest! So, I started to sketch on the idea I just created in my head, the ability to change bag but never have to forget something ever again.This idea felt like the future in fashion and I decided to create it!

From Vision To Product

In May 2018 I launched my brand with 5 different shells and one smart innerbag that you easy can fit into all the leather bags. It’s been an amazing but challenging journey from start to finish. As a young woman that don’t know very much about this business I sure had to learn fast and I’m not gonna lie, there has been ¨a few¨ sleepless nights. The first drawings was laying around for quite a bit befor I in 2016 decided to go for it 100%. I quit my daytime job and started Business School in my home town Eskilstuna, Sweden. And thanks to a lot of support from lokal businesses I could start the business on my own. I used my closest friends as my focus group and my boyfriend got to come with me to pic a manufactory in China. For me personally, knowing how the manufactory works and how the employees are treated is very important to me. So I know that my bags not only are smart but good as well. The manufactory we picked was a little smaller then the rest but the love that they had for the art of creating was worth every penny. 

To Follow Your Dream

I feels like it was a lifetime ago I started with this, and as a dreamer as a child, I may have thought I would be a millionaire by now, living in a penthouse on Manhattan and having the whole world in my hands. Which I am not. But that is still a dream of mine, and in some way Im already there, having the whole world in my own hands. To follow my dream is to take control of my life and that is a freedom I wish more people dared to do.

Its been some years of my journey and thats why this is extra special, I can finally share my dream with you guys! I truly hope you will love the bags almost as much as I do but most of all, I really hope that by reading this, I can inspire you to follow your dream, because you deserve to live a life that makes you feel free. And baby my bags can come with you on that journey even


Nadia Söderlund

C.E.O. and Designer at Salcan